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How to clear all Folders in Outlook with Filters Applied

1.Click on any subfolder under the main folder 

2. Then down below in the lower-left corner of Outlook, double click “Filter applied” 

3. A box will pop up and go to Advanced and click on remove the filter and the bottom right area, “Clear all” 

4. Now that the inbox filter will be cleared, you should now see all the email and the total number of emails instead of “Filter Applied” in that one folder. 

5. Next, go to the top of Outlook and click on “View” 

6. Now scroll over to “Change view” and select show mails and at the bottom, you will see “Apply current view to other mail folders” 

7. Now an “Apply View” box will pop up, keep the main folder and inbox checked and at the bottom click “Apply view to subfolders” 

8.Now you should see every folder lifted of the danged “Filter Applied” issue 

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