Creating AWS Storage File Gateway using Amazon EC2 as Host Platform

  1. Login to AWS management console and go to Storage Gateway  Service.
  2. Click ‘Create Gateway’
  3. On the ‘Select gateway type’ page, choose ‘File gateway’, and then choose Next.

4. On the Select Host platform page, choose ‘Amazon EC2’. We can select any out of VMware/Microsoft HyperV/Hardware appliance/Amazon EC2. But for this version of instructions we will be using Amazon EC2.

5. Click on ‘Launch Instance’, which will open a new tab to create a new instance. Select the instance type as ‘m4.xLarge'(the minimum instance type that AWS recommends). you can choose larger instances based on the requirement. Follow the instructions shown above.

6. The steps to launch the Instance for Gateway is normal like any new instance creation, but the only change that we need to be cautious while adding the storage. While on the storage page, keep the default 80GB one as it is and add one more disk for ‘cache’ with a minimum size of 150GB.

7. Move forward with the next steps with default settings. Create the Instance with a new key pair. Save the key pair for troubleshooting purpose.

8. Once the instance is completely up, copy the public IP of the instance.

9. One more critical step here is to configure the security group. Edit the security group and provide ‘All Traffic’ access to ‘My IP’ . This is required temporarily till the Gateway is activated.

10. Go back to the gateway creation tab. Click next to go to the ‘Service Endpoint’ Page. Select Public and hit next.

11. In the ‘Connect to Gateway’ page enter the IPAddress of the newly created instance(which you already have copied in step 8), and hit Connect to Gateway.

12. In the Activate Gateway page select appropriate time zone and provide a name for the Gateway. Then hit Activate Gateway.

13. Once the Gateway is active, it will take you to the configure local disks page. Here the 150GB disk that you have added will be automatically detected.

14. Select ‘Cache’ from the dropdown under ‘Allocated to’ column and click ‘Save and Continue’.

15. When everything is in place, the gateway creation should be complete. The status of the Gateway should show ‘Running’. Delete the ‘All Traffic’ to My IP line Item from the security group of the EC2 instance which we have added in step 9. But add any required IP ranges/subnets that needs to access storage gateway.

16. Then you can create ‘File shares’ to be published.