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Schedule a meeting on a group calendar in Outlook

Step 1: Choose a group on the navigation pane.

Groups on the left Nav bar

Step 2: On the ribbon, select Calendar.

Select calendar

Step 3: Select New Skype Meeting, New Teams Meeting, or New Meeting. If you make this a Skype meeting, call details will be added to the message body. For information about Skype meetings, see Skype for Business meeting help.

New meeting

Step 4: You’ll notice the group’s alias is entered automatically in the To line. Enter a subject, location, and start and end time for your meeting. If you do not want to send an invitation to group members, simply remove the group from the attendee’s list.

Step 5: In the meeting area, type an agenda. If you’re setting up a Skype Meeting, be careful not to change any of the online meeting information.

Step 6: Select the Scheduling Assistant on the ribbon to make sure you have the best time for the meeting.

Step 7: Select Send.

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